five latest pins

Here are five of my latest pinterest pins to inspire you:

I LOVE this travel page–the mock polaroids with typed journaling, the twine lines, the map background. Awesome.

I love the soft colors, the distressed sunrays, and the whole design of this adorable page!

How cute is that little eagle guy?? Love this patriotic card. And Heidi’s awesome.

I’m loving all the confetti I’m seeing around the interwebs on cards and scrapbook pages. What a fun way to celebrate!

I had to throw this wickedness in there. We made something similar to this for my hubby’s birthday last week, and holy yum!!! We used pre-made graham cracker crusts, pieces of a Hershey’s bar, marshmallows, and then wrote “Happy Birthday” with chocolate frosting on the top. Favorite cake ever.

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