anna griffin+washi tape=lovely

The craft industry has been taken by storm with washi tape! Of course Anna Griffin, being the savvy designer she is, couldn’t miss out on this fun trend and was on HSN yesterday selling, among other things, her gorgeous patterns printed on very high quality washi tape. Here are a few sample projects I created:

Add it between stripes on patterned paper to alter it.  Cover white cardstock with it then punch it with a border punch.  Add it as a photo frame.
The black background behind the cut out woven shape isn’t patterned paper–it’s washi tape!  The lovely borders at the top and bottom of the card are also washi tape.

Use it as a border, or add alternating patterns of washi tape over plain cardstock and then run it through your die cutting machine.  You can also fold it in half around the edges of shapes to add dimension and extra layers.

Used here again as borders, and also almost as patterned paper punched, die cut, and folded to create custom layers and accents.

Folded over as like ribbon strips and made into washi tape flowers.  Here’s a close up…

And here’s the big picture.  Beautiful accents!d  You can also use it like ribbon to create a bow, or fold it over to create photo corners.
Used again as stripes between stripes on patterned paper, and to secure a pleated ribbon border.

I LOVE washi tape!  I’m so glad so many different manufacturers are putting their unique spins on this trend.  If you haven’t added washi tape to your scrap stash, I highly recommend it.  You’ll wonder what you ever did without it. =)

3 thoughts on “anna griffin+washi tape=lovely

  1. What beautiful samples.

    I love Anna's products and have just discovered Washi tape..sadly can't find any way to buy it in the UK yet. But I'll keep looking.

  2. Those are totally awesome! What talent! Loved them all. Washi tape hard to believe but believed it. Beautiful. Can't praise enough they are so totally awesome.

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