tutorial: cutting washi sheets with a cricut machine

Monday I shared this halloween votive project with you and promised a tutorial on how to cut the washi sheets using a Cricut machine.  So…here goes:

Cutting washi sheets with a Cricut machine is very similar to cutting vinyl.  The settings you will use will result in the washi sheet being cut, but not the backing sheet.  Once you have finished cutting with your machine, you will peel the cut shape from the backing and adhere it to your project.

First of all, since the backing sheet is very slick it does not adhere well to the Cricut cutting mat.  So, my suggestion is to use a few pieces of low-tack tape (masking tape works fine) to hold your washi sheet in place.  I usually cut a piece from the sheet that is slightly larger than the shape I am cutting and tape it down near each corner.

Next, you need to adjust your settings so that your washi sheet is cut, but not your backing sheet.  On my Cricut Expression 2 I use the settings for vinyl (or kiss cutting) and then adjust them slightly since washi sheets are a bit thinner than vinyl.  My vinyl settings are as follows:

  • pressure: 3
  • speed: 4
  • number of cuts: 1
  • blade depth: 4

Everything works fine with these settings except for the blade depth.  At 4 my blade cut mostly through my backing sheet, so I set the blade depth to 3 instead and it worked perfectly.

Here are the correct washi sheet settings:

  • pressure: 3
  • speed: 4
  • number of cuts: 1
  • blade depth: 3

With these settings (provided your mat and blade are in good shape, of course) you should achieve a perfect kiss cut that allows you to peel the cut shape from the intact backing sheet. 

Give it a try, and let me know how it goes.  Link me up–I’d love to see your finished washi sheet/Cricut projects.  Come back Friday, and I’ll share two more Halloween votive jars I made using Washi Sheets and my Cricut machine.

*I don’t have a Silhouette or Cameo, so I’m not sure if the same settings would hold true for those machines.

**I do not work for Provo Craft, and I am not receiving any compensation for this post.  I just wanted to share my experience so you don’t have to go through as many washi sheets as I did trying to figure out how to do this. =)

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