15 days of gratitude: project review

Though I’m not quite done with my 15 days of gratitude project I wanted to summarize my feelings and experience with this project, and share the rest of the pages I’ve completed so far.  Tomorrow I will write about this experience and some of my feelings on a sheet of hidden journaling.  I’m looking forward to recording that.

First, the photos (in backwards order):

I used a cool effect/frame for my photos from www.picmonkey.com.  I love that website!  It’s like having photoshop, but not. =)

Here are my thoughts about this project:

  • It really helped me to be consciously acknowledging the good and positive things in my life
  • I felt happier and a more positive attitude as a result of focusing on the good
  • It made me feel even more grateful to realize that many days I had to pick only five out of several possible things to list
  • I realized that my five things each day didn’t have to all be profound and deep–yes, it’s okay to be thankful for chocolate, wool socks, and the internet =)
  • I did have to take some photos to go along with some of my pages, and I’m grateful for the daily life shots that were captured as a result
  • I want to do this project every year–it worked well for me and was a great experience

Do you participate in a gratitude project?  If so, leave a comment about the project and what impact it has had on you.

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