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My super talented friend, Wendy Smedley, is hosting a month long photo scanning challenge

at Studio 5, a local lifestyle show, and I am pretty excited by it. The show is available to view for local people on Channel 5, and for non-locals via the interenet live HERE.  This challenge will create a community of memory-keepers who are interested in reclaiming old photos, and capturing the stories behind them. It’s called Project Shoebox.
What is Project Shoebox?
Project Shoebox is the incentive you need to empty that shoebox of old photos. Heirloom photos to forgotten prints, everyone has photos to reclaim and rediscover.   The Project Shoebox community, curated and hosted by Studio 5 contributor Wendy Smedley, is a safe place to learn how to archive and share photos, collect old stories, and organize treasured images in a safe place.
The Project Shoebox challenge is simple.  Just scan one old photo.  Then share it.  Collect stories.  And feel the satisfaction.  You will have created a memory with a memory.
Find our community of Shoeboxers on Facebook.  We’ll answer questions, and help you dive into your stash of the past!

Project Shoebox launches at 11am on Studio 5at KSL-TV on January 30th.

the subsequent dates are 
  • Tuesday, February 5       
  • Monday, February 11     
  • Tuesday, February 19     
  • Tuesday, February 26     

**I was so in love with the concept of this project that I decided to give it a try.  I scanned in an old photo of my dad and his older brother in about 1944/45 and posted it on my Facebook timeline. 

I tagged my mom, sister, brother, cousins, uncle, aunt, and anyone else on Facebook I thought might be interested.  My sister was the first one to comment, and here’s what she said, “I love old pictures of the fam!!! More! More! More please!”  Several friends of the people I tagged commented about how fun it was to see childhood photos of people they know.  What a great conversation starter!  I’m sure when my uncle sees it (he doesn’t spend much time on Facebook) he’ll have a story or memory to share about that photo.  I can’t wait to hear it, since all I know about this photo is who, when, and where.  I just need to fill in my favorite part–the what, or the story behind it.

So, I challenge all my readers who see this post to get out an old photo, scan it or photograph it, share it with your loved ones and friends–whether through social network sites, photo sharing sites, email, or showing them a good old hard copy–and see what happens.  Have fun, and be sure to share the results!

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