wrmk for the record + washi tape

The featured WRMK collection for April is For the Record. It is one of my all time favorite WRMK collections! I love the colors, the banners, and all the office bits and pieces. Plus it’s so versatile. WRMK also released some new colors and patterns of washi tape and I’m crazy in love with them! Check out what happened when I combined the two:

A pair of spring decorative candles.  Washi tape looks great on decorative candles and tea lights.

On the above card I pleated the washi tape and secured it with another piece of tape, and then added some twine down the middle.  Washi tape is flexible enough to do some fun things with it, yet it’s not so tacky that you can’t experiment and fix your “oopses”.  LOL!

On this layout I created some banners using the new washi tape and some baker’s twine.  I just folded it over the twine and cut a “v” shape out of the ends.  I love washi tape so much I may need a 12 step program.  It’s so fun to use!

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