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Project Life is a popular and simplified project for recording daily life. Using photo sleeves, or divided page protectors and journaling cards to write about your photos is a much more manageable and sustainable form of scrapbooking.

I’m glad it works for so many scrapbookers, but I personally have never been a fan.  Here’s why: there is no way, however simple the format might be, that I could keep up with daily or even weekly scrapbooking.  It’s just too much and too overwhelming.  And to be honest, I am fairly certain my children don’t want to lug around hundreds of scrapbooks when I’m gone.  Too many details to be sustainable and meaningful for me.

But, I love the simple concept of the photo sleeves and journaling cards so here’s what my solution is: Albums Made Easy.  It’s perfect for me.  No pressure to “keep up” with anything.  I create the pages I want when I want to.  I sometimes will do a month-in-review layout, but I can also slip in pages about events, relationships, personalities, or whatever I want.  Love it!

Here are a few recent examples, plus links to more about these pages on the We R blog.

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So, what do you think?  Are you a Project Life fan, or more an Albums Made Easy person?  If you’ve never done either, would you give one a try or stick to traditional scrapbooking? 

2 thoughts on “albums made easy

  1. I am doing Project Life and liking it. It is interesting, after a few years of project life I actually feel like I am getting more stories told and I am actually filling fewer albums. Like you, I was always worried about the amount of albums my kids would get some day. I was doing 3 albums per year per kid. At that rate, they were going to need an extra room in their homes just for scrapbooks from their childhood. But now, I am doing project life and doing 3 albums total per year (not 9 – 3 per kid per year). What I realized after starting this is that if I look through my photos from the month after finishing my Project Life pages there are only a couple of traditional scrapbook pages per kiddo that I want to complete just to expand on a story. Otherwise, it is all in Project life. So do those weekly pages plus maybe 6 more and I am feeling great! The one thing I have not yet reconciled in my mind is how the albums will get split up among the kids someday since everyone's story is being told in the same book. But I will keep thinking on that one.

    I am in your BPC class right now – I just posted the sunburst challenge page yesterday. My page was about my daughter's competitive dance called Allouette. I am living your class and how those challenges are getting those extra 6 or so pages done to round out my Project Life scrapbooking!

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