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Welcome to the Big Picture Classes 12 Days of Christmas: December Duos blog hop! So glad you’ve stopped by my blog, and I’m so thrilled to join with 11 other amazing instructors for this special 12 Days of Christmas class. CLICK HERE if you’d like to learn more about the class, and click on any of the links below to get to know the other instructors a bit before class begins.

Tammy Tutterow

Here are some faces to put with those names…aren’t we a happy scrappy bunch?

If this is your first visit to my little blog, welcome, and I hope you come back often.  Today (as I have each Friday this month) I’m sharing the next page in my Give Thanks 2013 mini album.  Here’s the completed spread for this week:

This week was busy, but there was so much to be thankful for.  Most of my journaling has to do with gratitude that all is well after a crazy wind/snow storm last night with winds gusting up to almost 100 mph.  Our family is fine (despite having to venture out a few times) and as far as we can tell our house and property are fine…and we are grateful!!  Two years ago we (and all of our neighbors) suffered some damage to our home and property with a similar wind storm.  We ended up having over $6,000 in repairs done, so we are so grateful all is well today!

By the way, that photo in the spread is a 7 foot long branch from a poplar tree in our neighbor’s yard that the wind shot like an arrow several inches into the grass in our backyard.  Scary.

Thanks for popping in, and I’ll have more for you next week.  Enjoy your weekend!

6 thoughts on “give thanks 2013: week 3 + bpc blog hop

  1. I also have a 'thankful' album this month – love the whole concept of a thankful album – and absolutely love yours! So thankful to hear you had no serious wind damage. Wind can be quite scary for sure! Look forward to following your blog!

  2. Wow, what a special thanks journal! It's so helpful to see how others work with a specialized journal.

    Thanks for sharing your wind storm story. We had a major storm here in Alaska last week and while it's gusts were only 50mph the community had severe damage. Our tree roots can not grow very deep into the frozen ground and usually that is fine cause we truly don't get much wind. But this time many trees fell taking down lots of power lines. 30,000 residents- 1/2 of the community were without power which often meant no heat, water as well as light. After a full week electricity has been returned to all. I know how thankful you must feel! I am beginning a notebook for a home disaster plan.

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