give thanks 2013: week 4

This week I’m grateful mainly for the simple things in life that make up those precious moments we remember: having some time off to spend with my family, snuggling and hugging my little ones, watching movies and playing games with my family, having opportunities to work, and eating turkey yesterday with my loved ones.

This photo was taken on Wednesday, the first day of our Thanksgiving break.  We all slept in and my sweet little four year old daughter came in to snuggle me.  I love those moments because I know soon enough she won’t want to do that anymore.

And, I love being intentional and purposeful in recognizing my blessings.  It makes me feel more joy and gratitude and that changes me.  I love this anonymous quote that’s being passed around in social media right now because I believe it’s true:

“It’s not happy people that are thankful, it’s thankful people that are happy.”

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