january door decor ideas

There is something extra-inviting about a home that has lovely door decor.  It catches your eye and makes you want to go knock on it!  Here are a few ideas for January door decor.

New Year Wreath

This fun project helps remind you of your New Year’s resolutions.  I created this wreath using patterned paper strips and wrote down my resolutions on some of them. That way I’m reminded of them often and can evaluate how I’m doing on keeping them.
WRMK_new year wreath 1
WRMK_new year wreath 2
For supplies and instructions visit the We R blog HERE.
Winter Door Hanging
Now that all the holiday decor is put away, keep your front door looking festive with this winter door hanger.  Some die cut branches at the top lend a cold and bleak, yet beautiful touch…
WRMK_winter door hanger 1
…and the die cut metal snowflakes dangling down add to the wintry feel of this project.
WRMK_winter door hanger 2
Visit the We R blog HERE for full instructions and supplies.

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  1. Ok – I love these! I always feel such a let down after the holidays and everything is packed away. The house seems so empty, and it's too early to get Spring going – thanks for the inspiration!

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