festive fall wreaths class

I’ve got some exciting news! I’ve been a busy girl over the last few months preparing some classes for release on Craftsy, an amazing online education site dedicated to crafts of all kinds. The first one is a free mini class where you’ll learn how to make some gorgeous fall wreaths to dress up your door for the holidays. It’s scheduled to launch next week, so I’ll link you up once the classroom launches!

Once I had prepared all of my class content they flew me out to Denver to their studios, and put me up in a lovely hotel downtown. We shot two classes worth of video for three days. I took some photos of my trip to share with you.

Denver airport
I got picked up in a lovely town car!
free breakfast with a pretty waterfall each morning
free cookie bar each night with flavored milk
makeup and hair with this cute girl each morning
star on my dressing room door!
working with the best crew ever each day!!
on set–crew perspective
on set–my perspective
original craftsy logo on set
back at the hotel after day 1 of shooting
treating myself to free room service every night after a long day of shooting
I had a wonderful experience working with everyone at Craftsy. I highly recommend checking out their site–they offer beautiful video courses that are so well done for every craft you can imagine. 

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