adventures in vinyl

Over the past year I’ve been blessed with a lot of work in the papercraft/scrapbook industry. I’m so thankful for the wonderful opportunities that have come my way, and I’ve had the chance to meet and work with some wonderful people.

But, that has also meant that my time for personal craft/decor projects has dropped significantly. In fact, this past year it has been non-existent. There are a lot of craft/decor projects I’ve had on the table for our home for a while now and I’ve finally got some time to get to some of them.

My first project involved my Cricut Expression 2 machine and some vinyl that my dear hubby gave to me for Christmas in 2012. I have a lovely wrought iron clock that sits on the 2nd story wall in my living room above the staircase. I’ve been wanting to put some vinyl below it for a couple of years with our last name and the year our family was established.

I finally did it!

I have a background in Photoshop so I love to use my Cricut Craft Room to design projects that I cut with my Expression 2. I feel like I have more flexibility and more options there than I do on the keypad. So I created this design first in CCR. I selected a classic serif font to match the style of the clock (and the rest of the living room decor).

Then I just plugged the USB cable into my laptop when I cut my project. For this one I needed my 24″ mat. My work surface isn’t quite big enough to fit my machine when using the larger mat so I stay nearby and just shift my machine as it gets toward the end so that the mat doesn’t push against the wall behind it. It works out fine for me since I hardly use my 24″ mat.
My Cricut Expression 2 cuts like butter through my vinyl and I used 6″ low tack transfer tape when applying it to the wall. We eye-balled it but you can use a level when applying it to the wall to make sure it’s perfectly straight. I’m really happy with how it turned out, and I’m excited to finally check one item off my home decor to-to list!

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