thankful turkey

There’s great value in keeping my own personal gratitude journal, but my family has also had a long tradition of recording things we’re thankful for during the month of November. Some years this record has been a list we keep on the fridge; some years it’s been a turkey poster on the wall that we add feathers too with blessings written on them; some years it’s been a thankful tree. This year we made a Thankful Turkey.

I used the American Crafts Autumn Crisp collection to match my folded leaf garland. You can purchase the Autumn Crisp kit HERE at Craftsy with my free video lessons teaching how to make three beautiful fall wreaths. With a giant 12×12 paper pad, ribbon, buttons, die cuts, and three 15 minute lessons for $12.50 right now it’s a great deal!
Here’s a close up of the little guy.

 So here’s the idea:

  • buy a pumpkin on Halloween–they should be pretty cheap
  • die cut or free hand cut a turkey head and some feathers
  • write blessings down on the feathers and tape a bamboo skewer to the back of each one
  • tape a skewer to the back of the turkey head
  • use a large nail and hammer to make holes and stick the skewered feathers and the head into the pumpkin
  • add more feathers during the month of November and read all the blessing feathers on Thanksgiving Day

I encourage you to choose some way this month to write down your blessings and take some time on Thanksgiving to read them. Reflect on all the good in your life–it does great things for your mind and soul.

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