15 days of gratitude: week 2

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends! I hope you’re enjoying a day full of yummy food, fun, and plenty of time with your loved ones.

Today I’d like to share the second half of my filled in gratitude journal pages. I have truly loved this project and am grateful to share it with you.
gratitude journal 12_aly dosdall
gratitude journal 13_aly dosdall
I was able to either take or find a photograph for almost everything, though some things I chose not to represent with a photograph. I figured words would be just fine. For the page below I used the fun panorama feature on my iPhone camera to capture my parents, kids, and hubby sitting at a creamery booth. It was a fun and different way to capture that blessing.
gratitude journal 14_aly dosdall
gratitude journal 15_aly dosdall
gratitude journal 16_aly dosdall
gratitude journal 17_aly dosdall
gratitude journal 18_aly dosdall
Most days it wasn’t hard to think of five things to be thankful for, but I’ll be honest and say (as I shared in my project summary on the last page) that on a few days it took me longer than others. A few days that were rough ones caused me to take more time to meditate and re-focus my mind to come up with some truthful feelings about gratitude. But you know what? That’s what I love about this project–that on the hard days it makes me reflect a little deeper and change my perspective. Because I truly believe that even though this project was about listing things to be grateful for, true joy comes from being grateful no matter what.
I’ll leave you with an awesome and very significant quote that I truly believe. Hope you enjoy this day of gratitude, and strive to make every one after a day of gratitude as well.

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