day 1: christmas eve traditions

Christmas Eve is a wonderful night for our family. We sometimes spend it with extended family, and sometimes just with our family, but we always have our “Christmas dinner” that night–turkey, ham, and the works. We love to celebrate the birth of the Savior that night through acting out the events recorded in the New Testament, singing Christmas carols, and watching The Nativity Story.

Then once our celebration of the Savior is through we put the younger kids to bed and let the older kids stay up and help us “play Santa” for the younger ones. We usually turn on a fun movie (projecting it up on our 2nd story wall in the living room) and pull out all the presents, stockings, wrapping paper, and candy. Here’s the view of all the goods from my second floor last year.

We have a great time getting everything ready for the next day. When we’re all done wrapping we place it all around the lit tree and turn off the living room lights to get one last look before going to bed. 
It fills my heart with gratitude not only to see the abundance that God has blessed us with, but also to remember that it’s because of the gift of His Son that we are giving these gifts to each other. Then we go to sleep–or try to in the case of our children–and wake up to a wonderful day full of memories in the morning.
I hope your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are filled with peace, love, and time with loved ones.

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