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Being a working mom of 5 means that my free time is very limited. And that also means that I don’t always have time to “keep up” with my scrapbooking and memory keeping. (Really, is anyone completely “caught up” anyway?) Sometimes it takes me a while to get photos and memories onto a scrapbook page, so in order to keep those photos and memories fresh and organized I decided to try a new system this year–a memory box!
memory box by aly dosdall 1
I’ve seen this idea in various forms floating around Pinterest and the blogosphere lately and I really love it. So, after looking at several different systems and types of memory boxes I came up with one that I think will work for me. The idea is that I record memories from each month of the year on Grid Journaling Cards, and then print my 4×6 photos (or photo collages) each month and store them with the journaling cards until I have time to create a page using the printed photos and hand written stories. 
memory box by aly dosdall 2
All of the memory boxes I’ve seen have been store-bought, but I tend to be a DIY kind of gal so I decided to use some We R tools to help me create my own little 4×6 filing box. To learn how I made my own box, visit the We R blog HERE.
Then I printed my 4×6 photos and Instagram photo collages and placed them in the proper month. I’ll leave this sitting on a visible and accessible surface in my craft room so that I can easily record memories and add photos as the month progresses.

box contents
memory box by aly dosdall_january contents
memory box by aly dosdall_journaling cards
I’m really excited about this new system. It’s totally easy and low-stress, but will still allow me to keep my photos and memories organized until I can get them into my scrapbook!

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  1. I like this idea. I have a small chest that barely holds a 4 x 6 card. I have a section for each special person, but not by date. My journaling notes have been written on whatever paper was available – from post-its to tablet paper. The box is a mess. I am going to give this system a try. Pictures and journaling together in one spot, what's not to love? Thanks, Aly! Like how you decorated the box!

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