throwback thursday

Every now and then I like to post older scrapbook pages. Some are pages I want to preserve that I never photographed and posted online, and others I already have photographed and posted but it was almost 10 years ago at this point, so it’s fun to revisit them. Here’s one I created in 2006. I was really drawn to the Simple philosophy (still am to some degree) and I loved basing layout designs on advertisements from magazines. This one was based on a simple ad, and I really love it–even today.

Back in 2006 my albums were 8 1/2 x 11 (basically 3 ring binders) and I scanned them instead of photographing them. So the image itself isn’t the best, but you still get the idea. Not a single embellishment on this page–just photos and neutral papers with some fun textures to them.
And yes, these are really items I found in the laundry that had been in my kids’ pockets. They all loved to collect little bits from outside–rocks, acorns, shells, metal scraps. Fun stuff.

One thought on “throwback thursday

  1. Great TBT. I love the simple style, too.

    The strangest thing I ever had go through the was was a small pair of pliers. I'm not sure how I missed those in my husband's pocket, but they came out very clean. 🙂

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