easter snapshots

Since I’ve been participating in a snapshot a day challenge for a blog conference I’m attending this month I’ve been more aware of taking photos that I normally wouldn’t. It’s been such a great way for me to record my life through the lens on my phone in a different way than I ever have and I love it!

Yesterday I took some shots throughout the day trying to capture Easter since that was the challenge of the day. I usually take lots of photos of our various activities, but I’ve never tried to capture Easter in one shot. After several attempts yesterday, I did.

Here are the shots I took attempting to capture Easter. The last one is the one I decided would be my choice for the challenge. It’s a shot of my mom’s sweet Easter bunny candy dishes which have become a family tradition. Family traditions are an integral part of the holiday for me.

This is the story of our day. I’m so happy with these snapshots! What’s your Easter story? How did you spend your day?

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