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This past weekend I had the pleasure of learning from some very successful, creative, and inspiring people at SNAP blogger conference. I learned a lot of great hands-on technical blogging information, but some of the best things I learned this weekend were nuggets of wisdom that I like to call quotables. Here are a few of my favorites (some of these may be slightly paraphrased):

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David Tutera

  • Don’t just be trend-forward, teach people how to do something
  • Be an expert in something; be specific in what you blog about
  • Let your confidence and light shine through in your writing
  • Make things more personal; make people fall in love with YOU
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Desiree from The 36th Avenue
  • Know your blog; know your partners; know your readers; know yourself
  • It’s all about good content, not numbers
  • Each page view is a human being you need to build a relationship with
  • Be the type of person you’d like to meet
  • The only person you should be better than is the person you were yesterday
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Heidi Swapp (Um, yeah. Can you tell I needed to hear what she said?)
  • Makers are: doers, dreamers, movers/shakers, willing to try new things
  • Makers make things happen; makers make dreams; makers make the most of each day
  • Recharge your battery every day; if your bucket is empty you have nothing to share
  • It’s supposed to be hard!
  • Pick a Top 5 for each day–set realistic attainable goals
  • Notice the good
  • Stop the blur–write down one memory from each day
  • Be the best version of YOU
  • What you have to offer is what the people you influence need to hear
  • The people in your own home need your talents more than anyone else
I’m really grateful for such an inspiring experience! Now to put it all into practice. 😉

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