ribbon storage and organization

I’m constantly re-adjusting my craft space storage and organization as my crafty needs and my stash change. For years I’ve had ribbon stored along with other “soft” embellishments in open color bins, but recently I had a need to change that up a bit.

I’m a sucker for easy, inexpensive, and good-looking storage so I bought a 3/8″ diameter wooden dowel at Walmart for under $1.00 and hung it on my decorative shelving brackets.
I’ve got fifty-one 3/8″ ribbon spools hanging on this 3 foot long dowel, but I’m sure I could fit a few more than that. It is kind of nice to have a little space in between the spools so they don’t unwind the others when I need to grab some ribbon.

All I have to do is pull and cut to get the ribbon I need, and I love having it on display–the colors are so pretty! This option works great for my spools, but I still keep my ribbon scraps in my color bins with other items that are the same color.
How do you like to store and organize your ribbon? Do you have any tips or tricks to share?

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