we r memory keepers snap storage tips

Remember my post back in July about my framed journaling card decor piece in my craft room? Well today I’m finally sharing some tips and tricks with you for using the new Snap Storage system right next to that piece of decor. You can catch the full post on the We R Memory Keepers blog HERE.

While the Snap Storage was designed to hold ribbon, washi tape, and small embellishments, there’s no reason why crafters can’t think outside the box and use the storage in different ways. Check out what I used my Snap Storage for in my craft room!

we r snap storage grouping by aly dosdall

I don’t have a lot of large ribbon spools, and I have too many small American Crafts ribbon spools to fit this storage system, so I decided to use it to hold some different items to fit my needs. I mounted the bars on my wall using the screws included with them, but you can also use Command strips if you’d rather not make holes in your walls.

we r snap storage by aly dosdall

What I love about this system is that it’s easy to rearrange to fit my ever-changing craft stash. As I use up supplies and purchase others I can still make this system work for me.

we r snap storage large ribbon clips by aly dosdall

I used most of my large ribbon clips to hold my Baker’s Twine Spools. I love that I can easily pull them down and take them with me if I’m crafting on the go.

we r snap storage ribbon clips by aly dosdall

The next row holds my odd size ribbon spools. I used the remainder of my large ribbon clips, some medium clips, and some small ones to store these items.

we r snap storage washi clips by aly dosdall

The bottom row holds my extra medium and small washi tape rolls. You can also purchase large washi clips if you need them.

we r snap storage bottle clips by aly dosdall

Next to my washi tape are my Bottle Clips where I store small scraps of ribbon that don’t have a spool or don’t fit on a spool anymore. Once I remove the bottles off the bar I simply pop open the top and pull out whatever scrap I need.

I hope this has given you some new ideas for how to use Snap Storage. I love the versatility of this storage system. You can really alter it in so many ways to fit your needs. How would you use Snap Storage in your craft space?

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