two-color minc fall wall art | free printable

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, and such a fun time for decorating! I’ve got lots of early fall decor, and plenty of Halloween decor, but I wanted something to put up as a transition piece between the two. So I decided to channel the foil trend and make a pretty piece of fall wall art with my Heidi Swapp Minc foil applicator using two colors. Check out how I created two beautiful prints using my foil scraps!

Two-color Minc fall wall art, including free printable by Aly Dosdall. #hsminc #foilallthethings #falldecor #fallcrafts #freeprintable

Using this technique you’ll come away with two beautiful prints–a single color print, and a two-color print.

You can easily make multiple two-color prints if you’d like as well. Let me show you how!

1. Start by clicking on the link to download THIS FREE FALL PUMPKIN WALL ART PDF. Print the pdf using a printer with toner ink. Here are a few printing tips that I’ve picked up: 
  • I’ve had the best results using paper designed for toner printers. It soaks up the ink better. 
  • Be sure you achieve a really solid coating of toner for best results. My laser jet printer is older, so I run my paper through twice.

2. Place your print into the heat sleeve with the design facing upward. Add your choice of foil on top of the print with the color side facing upward. (I started with Rose Gold foil.) Run your heat sleeve through the Minc. Play around with the settings to find the best fit for your printer. Mine works best on setting 5.
3. Remove your print and leave the foil scrap in your heat sleeve.

4. Place a toner covered sheet into the heat sleeve, matching it up with the impression left on the foil scrap from your first print (that way your pumpkin shape will be centered on the toner sheet). Tip: I made my own toner sheet by filling a box with black in Word and then printing it with my toner printer. You could also do the same thing in Photoshop Elements, or you can purchase Heidi Swapp pre-made toner sheets.
5. Run the heat sleeve through your Minc, and then remove the foil scrap leaving your print in the heat sleeve.
6. Cover your print with a second color of foil (color side up) and run the heat sleeve through the Minc.
7. You’re left with another foil scrap you can use to repeat steps 4-6 and create another two-color print! (You can repeat this step as many times as you’d like!)

The metallic trend is perfect for the fall season. I love how the two-color prints turned out–such pretty colors for fall! And since it’s so easy to make multiple prints using this technique, you can keep one for yourself and give the others away to friends, teachers, neighbors, or family. 
Two-color Minc fall wall art, including free printable by Aly Dosdall. #hsminc #foilallthethings #falldecor #fallcrafts #freeprintable
Happy fall crafting!

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