donut vampire party favors

When my daughter decided she wanted a Hotel Transylvania 2 birthday party, I was like, “Perfect! Halloween’s around the corner, so I’ll just get a head start on that.” I started browsing Pinterest for fun vampire party favors I could send home with the party guests, and I came across these darling and totally easy donut vampire treats. No baking, no cooking, totally up my alley!

Donut Vampire Party Favors by Aly Dosdall

I bought a dozen glazed donuts, 12 glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth, edible monster eyes (in the cake decorating aisle at Walmart), a tube of black glitter frosting for the hair, and a tube of red writing gel for the blood.
Donut Vampire Party Favors by Aly Dosdall
Once I got all my goodies home from the store, I realized the holes in my donuts were way too small to fit the vampire teeth, even with them closed. So, since I didn’t have time to find donuts with wider holes I cut the holes a little bigger with a bread knife. Then I squeezed the teeth closed, and wiggled them into place firmly inside the holes. I love that the donut vampires look like they’re about to take a big bite!
Donut Vampire Party Favors by Aly Dosdall
I used the black glitter frosting tube to make the “widow’s peak” vampire hair. The tube had a fine tip which made the job a lot easier. I made the outline of the hair shape, and then filled it in. I love slight sparkle in the hair–makes it more festive! I added drops of blood trailing off the teeth with the red writing gel, and also used it to attach the edible eyes. Super easy!
Next I made some simple red tags with the new DIY Party Tag Punch from We R Memory Keepers. LOVE THAT THING! You can easily make three different sizes of tags with just one punch. I hand wrote “thank you” on each one, and added some black and white baker’s twine for tying.
Donut Vampire Party Favors by Aly Dosdall
I placed each of the donuts on a small square of parchment paper, and then carefully slid them into a cello bag, holding them open wide so I didn’t smear the frosting. Then I tied them shut with baker’s twine, and added the “thank you” tags I made. So easy, and the party guests thought they were pretty fun!

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