15 days of gratitude | part 2

Now that our wonderful Thanksgiving Day is stored in our memories, I’ve got some time to share the rest of the completed pages in my 15 Days Of Gratitude album for 2015. This gratitude journal is always a meaningful project, and I love the benefits that come from deliberately counting my blessings and recognizing the good in my life.

The format of this year’s album made it really easy to fill in as each day passed. I knew my photos would all be black and white, and that they would either be 3×3 or 4×6, so it was easy to crop and print them.

I also knew all my journaling pages were under a certain size, so I created a Word doc with two columns and kept typing as each day passed. Then, once I filled in a page, I would print and trim them into strips with my paper trimmer. Easy peasy.

Then I used one of Heidi’s beautiful Wanderlust envelopes to hold my last day of journaling about this project. It’s usually personal enough that I don’t photograph it and share it, but it’s a really good way to end the project.

As with every year, it’s been such a positive experience to record the things I’m grateful for each day. It really helps me to realize all the great things in my life, and it helps to be a more positive, grateful, and happy person. I hope your day of thanks was filled with love and light, and I wish you and yours a wonderful and safe weekend!

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