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I love making meaningful handmade Valentine’s Day gifts. It’s a great way to show your love for someone–spending your time and talents making something special for them. Today I’m sharing a favorite Valentine’s Day DIY heart frame gift idea I made two years ago. If you’ve got some cereal boxes and leftover scrapbook paper bits, you can make one of these for someone you love.

I started by creating a heart frame from a couple of thin 12×12 chipboard sheets I saved from some old patterned paper packs.  You could also use cereal boxes. I cut out a solid heart shape for the back of the frame, and a heart frame shape for the front. Then l traced and cut out the same shapes on plain cardstock.

I adhered the heart frame shape on top of the solid heart shape using foam squares, leaving the top of the frame pieces detached so I can slide 6×4 photos in and out and switch them as desired. Then I covered the back of the solid heart shape, and the front of the heart frame shape with the solid cardstock. I hot glued a small loop of ribbon to the back for hanging.

Next, I cut several scraps of double sided scrapbook papers into strips between 2-4 inches wide, and 2-3 inches long.  I rolled them up (some tightly and some loosely) and hot glued them. Then I hot glued them to the heart frame starting with the longer rolls, and then filling in the gaps with the shorter ones.  I finished off my project with some metal flower accents and a chipboard tag.

Project tip: to make sure I left enough space in the center for my photo I slid a 6×4 inch piece of scrap paper inside to use as a guide while gluing on the paper rolls.

This project would be great for any holiday or occasion.  You could use your favorite seasonal scrapbook paper and make a frame of any shape. What shape frame would you make?

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