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Vintage folding rulers have made their way into the DIY and crafting worlds, and at this past CHA (Craft and Hobby Association trade show) We R Memory Keepers revealed that they have jumped on board! The new Ruler Studio is a fun and fabulous way to decorate, organize, and display whatever you can imagine. Click HERE to read more about the We R Ruler Studio collection, and scroll down to see the heart wreath I created with it for Valentine’s Day.

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a Valentine’s Day wreath. so I was really excited about this project. I love the look of the folding rulers, and these red 9″ rulers formed a perfect heart shape.

To keep the ends together at the bottom, I added an adhesive dot. I lashed the top joints with very fine fishing line to help keep their shape since the string for hanging the wreath is attached there and is pulling on them constantly. There was no need to secure the other joints since they keep their shape very well.

I really wanted to include some letters on my ruler studio wreath made with my new Alphabet Punch Board. Living in Utah, weather is always an issue with door decor and paper doesn’t fair well in the elements, so I settled on some plastic paper from the FUSEables collection by We R Memory Keepers. That should hold up to moisture just fine, and it was easy to punch out the letters with the board–just like regular paper!

I attached the letters by fusing a small scrap of plastic paper over the string on the back of each letter. That way they’re attached securely, but can also be shifted around if needed.

To add a bit of texture and whimsy to the project I made some pink pom poms with my We R Memory Keepers Pom Pom Makers, and strung them up with my letters.

I added a small piece of ephemera from the FUSEables collection next to my letter “L” to fill in some of the empty space and to reinforce the Valentine’s Day theme.

I used some of the hanging clips to attach the string that the letters and pom poms are strung on. That makes is easy to take this piece apart and transform it into something else after Valentine’s Day. Love that!

The Ruler Studio is totally fun and easy to create with. This project took me about 30 minutes, and I love it! Stop back in on Friday to see what else I’ve made with these lovelies.

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