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I believe in the power of stories. Stories entertain, they teach, and can move our emotions. Stories connect and bind us. There is a particular power in the stories of our ancestors, the people we come from. Knowing who came before us and how we became who we are helps shape our perception of the future. It gives us stability and hope–helps us connect with our roots.

In our family we love to share stories of our ancestors. We love looking at photos of them as well. Keeping these memories present in our home unifies and grounds us. Recording these memories so they can be passed on to future generation is so important to me.

I was thrilled recently to find beautiful new printable family tree designs on FamilySearch. With the click of a button the names of my people were inserted into the family tree design of my choice, which I then printed onto 8 ½ x 11 white cardstock. Within a minute I had a beautiful family tree ready to display in my home which, alongside some heritage photos, prompted more family storytelling and memory-sharing.

I’m a busy mother of five with almost no spare time. It’s hard to get to the many scrapbooks and family history projects I have planned in my head. What I love about these new printable family trees is how quick and easy they are. It takes almost no time to have something meaningful on display to catch my kids’ attention and inspire them to want to learn more about the people that came before them. And, who can beat free printable family trees from your free FamilySearch account!
I love having these photos and family names on display in our home. Keeping all of our photos and memories preserved in albums or in boxes on a shelf makes it harder to keep them present in our minds. Having our family tree and some photos out and on display reminds us of our family history on a regular basis. It makes us want to honor their names and the legacy they left us. It’s a powerful thing, and I’m loving it!

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