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This year, since Easter is a bit earlier than normal, it feels like it snuck right up on me! I do love the Easter season–the light and warmth of spring, and the joy and family time that Easter brings. I love making Easter morning a special time for my family, and while we really try to focus on what Easter means to our faith, we’re all about indulging in some fun Easter treats too. This year I put my Photo Sleeve Fuse tool to work to make these cute Carrot Treat Bags. I’ll show you how! (Don’t worry–if you don’t have a Fuse tool, you can still make these. Scroll down to see how.)

Before I share the instructions for this project, here are a few helpful basic tips for using the Photo Sleeve Fuse tool:
  • Allow the tool to heat up for at least 10 minutes prior to use
  • Practice first on a scrap of the plastic material you’ll be using
  • Finding the right speed and pressure to fit your material is key
  • Thicker materials need slower speed and more firm pressure
  • Use a pointed metal object (craft knife, metal tweezers) to remove excess melted plastic from the Fuse tool tip

To make these Carrot Treat Bags with We R Memory Keepers Fuse tool, I used some yellow polka dot acetate sheets from the Clearly Bold collection. You could also use leftover page protectors, clear plastic sheets, or waterfall sleeves. Trim your plastic material to 5″ x 5″.

Roll your plastic paper into a tube, overlapping the edges by 3/8″ so you can fuse them together. Slide a 1″ x 6″ piece of scrap paper inside the tube to avoid fusing the top and bottom of the tube together.

Once you fuse the edges together to form a tube (go slow and push hard since the acetate is thick), pinch the bottom end of the tube together with the seam you just created on the side of the tube as seen below. Press the edge of your Fuse ruler onto the pinched bottom of the tube to hold it in place, and then fuse it shut.

Then fill your tube with something orange. I filled mine with orange Sixlets, but you could fill yours with orange jelly beans, gumballs, M&M’s, goldfish crackers, carrot slices, or even orange Playfoam or Playdough.

Now you need to seal the top of the tube. Pinch the top of your tube the opposite direction of the bottom (with the seam in the middle of the tube) to form a sour cream shape container. Place the edge of your ruler about 1″ down from the top to hold it in place, and fuse it shut.

Add two strips of green Fringe Tape on the 1″ of excess at the top of the tube. Tie some green twine or ribbon around the top just below the Fringe Tape and add a small tag. I used the Everyday Sentiments Designer Die & Stamp Set from Echo Park Paper.

These turned out so fun, and I love the sturdy and decorative acetate sheets. They’re the perfect solution for these fun carrot treat bags. I can’t wait to stick these in my kids’ baskets for Easter!

If you don’t have a Fuse tool, just use some double sided permanent craft tape and/or a stapler!

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