summer party ideas with honeycomb paper

Remember those white honeycomb paper bells from Aunt Janice’s 1970’s wedding photos? Yep. Me too. Those days may be gone, but honeycomb paper is back and it’s better than ever! Party and craft supply stores often carry a large inventory of honeycomb decor in all shapes, sizes and colors to add the perfect touch of texture, dimension, and fun color to your event.

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on a local daytime show, Studio 5 with Brooke Walker, where I got to share some fun ideas for decorating with honeycomb paper. Here’s a shot of the setup before we filmed.

And here are some close up shots of some of the projects I shared.

Basic geometric shapes like balls, diamonds, or lanterns are readily available at craft and party supply stores such as a local favorite, Zurchers, or the larger chains like Michael’s and Joann. You can also easily find them online. (Click links above for online buying options.)

Paper fans (also called rosettes or medallions) are also popular basic shapes made from honeycomb paper you can find at craft and party stores, or online. Click HERE for honeycomb paper fan online buying options. Fans, diamonds, and other geometric shapes are ideal for a Mother’s Day brunch this weekend, bridal showers, weddings, school dances and more.

Take basic shapes like balls, ovals (or eggs), and hearts and add some green paper leaves to make honeycomb paper fruit! Go big for centerpieces, medium for banners and garlands, or small for cupcake and drink picks.

And finally, make hot air balloon shapes for a baby shower or toddler party. How fun is that little cake topper?

Watch the segment to learn how to make those cute pop-up party invitations. You can catch the show live on Tuesday, May 3rd 2016 at 11am or visit the Studio 5 website and search on “honeycomb paper” to find a recording of it.

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