honeycomb paper party decorations

Make your next event come alive with beautiful honeycomb paper party decorations. From weddings, to showers, to brunches, or even school dances, honeycomb paper decor will add color, texture, and dimension at minimal cost. Since honeycomb paper is made from tissue paper it’s lightweight and easy to use. Here are a few fun options available.

Let’s start with some festive paper fans (also called rosettes or medallions).

These are widely available at party and craft supply stores in various colors and sizes.

You can also make them yourself using honeycomb paper pads and stencils, cutting horizontally across the pad and then fanning out the strip you cut.

Cutting different size bumps and ridges into the horizontal strip makes for cool fan designs.

You can mount these on a wall or hang them from the ceiling. They look great in groups and combined with other honeycomb and tissue decorations.

Another fun type of honeycomb paper decorations is geometric shapes such as balls, diamonds, and lanterns. These are perfect for hanging around the room from the ceiling to add color, dimension, and visual interest.

I love the multi-color decorations. They add a fun touch.

And the gold tassels are trendy and add some fabulous sparkle!

I love how the honeycomb pattern in the paper echoes the geometric shapes.

Decorating your next event with these honeycomb paper shapes will add a trendy festive feel.

What do you think of these fun decorations? What type of event would you use them for?

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