looking to my roots

Happy Memorial Day to my U.S. friends! As an American today I’m grateful for the chance to remember those who have served my country. As a memory keeper this holiday makes me so excited for the opportunity to share some stories with my family, and take some time to remember and honor those who laid the foundation for the blessed lives we enjoy today.

Last year we took our kids and some of their cousins to the graves of several of my ancestors, and taught them specifically about the couple on my father’s father’s side who first established their family here in Utah before it was a state, and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormon church). My life has been so blessed because of their strength, faith, and the decisions they made and I wanted my kids to know their story. It was a sweet experience for all of us.

This year, we’ll be visiting some of my father’s mother’s ancestors (my great great grandmother) and some of her posterity. They are also the first couple on that line to come to the U.S. from Norway, settle in Utah, and join the Mormon church. I’m excited to share their inspiring story with my kids, but more than that I’m excited to share the story of how we found their graves.

My dad’s brother has become very involved in family history/genealogy, and wanted to know where his great grandmother was buried. He found her name on a cemetery registry online, but couldn’t locate where her grave was. After doing lots of research and talking to the cemetery staff he found her unmarked grave, along with those of a few other people here in Salt Lake City.

He got in contact with me last fall to help identify the three other individuals my great great grandmother was buried with, and together we were able to gather enough info to properly mark their graves. My uncle and dad pooled their money together to pay for this shared grave stone for my great great grandmother, her son, her daughter, and son-in-law, and we can’t wait to go see it in person today. So glad they’re finally being honored properly!

I hope you have a wonderful day filled with family, friends, and yummy food. Take some time today to share and remember family stories. It will fill your heart.

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