father’s day gift guide for under $30

I’m not going to lie friends. Shopping for my husband can be so hard! Sometimes I know exactly what to get him for a Father’s Day gift (or Christmas, or birthday), and sometimes I have no idea! I want to show my love and appreciation for how amazing he is, but I want to make sure I get something he’s going to really enjoy.

After years of shopping for Father’s Day gifts, I’ve narrowed down the top seven that I’ve gotten for my husband that he’s enjoyed the most. I’m sharing these in hopes that you’ll get some inspiration to find the perfect gift for your man. I’ve also included affiliate links to best sellers and the best deals I could find on Amazon. Enjoy!

My husband loves to use these when he goes running, works out. or when he’s working around the house. The wireless bluetooth means he doesn’t have to be tangled up with cords to his phone while he’s listening to music or ebooks.
2. Hydration Running Belt

This hydration belt is great for when my man goes for longer runs, trail runs, or when he’s hiking. I’ve even borrowed it once or twice myself. It also holds his phone so he can listen while he runs.

My hubby is a big Star Wars fan and he has a fabulous goofy sense of humor, so this funny Darth Vader t shirt was a big hit!

4. Hardware Organization Cabinet

At first glance this gift may seem like it’s more for me than for him (Honey, when are you going to get that garage cleaned out?), but he actually loved getting this hardware cabinet because now he can easily find the little bits and pieces he’s looking for. You’re welcome, babe.
With an hour and a half commute time 5 days a week my husband loved getting a gift card to Amazon.com to buy ebooks to listen to while driving. Gift cards can seem impersonal, but this way he could browse through the store and pick what he really wanted.

6. Racquetball Set

My sweetie prefers to exercise with friends, so a racquetball set (along with a local rec center membership) was not only a fun gift for him to get, but also was a great benefit to his health and well-being. He often takes our kids to go play too, and they love spending time with Dad.

So, full disclosure, this one’s for this year. (Shhh…don’t tell!) I can’t say yet what he thinks about it, but I’m pretty sure he’s going to love it! He’s not big into video games, but Google Cardboard is WAY too cool not to love. I can’t wait to see his face when he opens these 3D VR Glasses!
Well, that’s it friends! I hope these ideas have helped your Father’s Day gift shopping. Many of these are eligible for Amazon Prime, which means you’ll get them before Sunday here in the U.S. You can try Amazon Prime with their free trial offer and get two-day shipping for free. Have fun shopping!

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