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One of my sweet friends is getting married tomorrow, and she asked me to make her something special for her wedding. Instead of a guest list, she wants to have a bucket list, where her guests leave a note, or an idea of something fun to do together. Of course I told her I would love to make her bucket list, so…here it is! I hope she likes it.

Before I made this we talked about her wedding colors and theme. She showed me some ideas she had seen on Pinterest that she liked, and she described her ideal project set up. It was nice to have a clear idea of what she was envisioning ahead of time.

Their wedding theme is the beach, and the colors are turquoise, ivory, and peach. I found this bark-covered box on sale at Joann, and loved how it reminded me of driftwood at the beach. Then I bought some ivory burlap ribbon, and some aqua + teal ribbon, and some coordinating shells.

My friend wanted to have some way to divide the bucket list items they hadn’t done yet from the ones they had already completed, so I cut out some tabbed dividers from ivory cardstock with my Silhouette and added some small letter stickers.

I found this awesome frame at Homegoods that looks like mini shiplap and thought it would be perfect for the sign.

I wanted to add some seashells so I got out my American Crafts Sticky Thumb Cordless Hot Glue Gun. That worked perfectly for attaching shells to the box and the frame.

I had a hard time finding just the right bucket list cards. I started out with the idea of using Project Life Journaling Cards. The 3×4 cards were too small as the box is about 6 inches deep. They just got lost in there. I couldn’t find enough 4×6 cards that weren’t packaged with lots of 3×4 cards and I didn’t want to buy lots of extra cards that wouldn’t get used.

So my daughter and I found some plain white postcards at a craft store and she suggested adding watercolor paint drips/splatters to them. Brilliant–that’s my girl! That was the perfect solution, and I love how they turned out.

The table display will have the blank cards on a wood slice with some nice Project Life Pens to write on them. They’re perfect since they’re acid free, archival safe, water-proof, smudge-proof, and permanent. The filled out cards will go into the box in the “To Do” section.

I’m so excited for my friend’s wedding tomorrow! She’s going to be a lovely bride, and I’m happy she’s found her true love. This bucket list will be a wonderful treasure to help them plan fun activities together, and to preserve some awesome relationships and memories.

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