3 typewriter projects

As I mentioned in another post, I’ve been looking for a typewriter for a while for a few reasons. First, I love the look of typewriting. Second, my handwriting isn’t very nice so I prefer printed text on my projects. And lastly, I’ve been wanting one to use as a decorative piece in my office.

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While I love the look of a typewriter and typewriting, what I’m mostly excited about is being able to conveniently add typed text to my projects. I mean, how awesome is it that this typewriter fits a 12×12 sheet of paper? I don’t have a large format printer, but now I can totally roll my scrapbook page through my typewriter! In celebration of this exciting news, today I’m sharing three projects that are made easier by using my new We R Memory Keepers Typecast typewriter.

Project Life and Journaling Cards

Here’s my process when I want to type text onto a journaling card: 1) scan the card and open the image in Photoshop, 2) make the image it’s own layer and add a layer of text, 3) hide the text layer in Photoshop and print the blank card onto a sheet of scrap paper, 4) hide the card layer and unhide the text layer, 5) tape the physical card exactly over the printed card on the scrap paper, 6) run the scrap paper (with the card taped to it) through the printer again to print the text on the card and cross my fingers that everything lines up perfectly and doesn’t get stuck in the printer.


So you can see how helpful a typewriter will be to me in this department. I’m moving more and more towards pocket pages, or Project Life and this will make journaling SO MUCH EASIER.

Planners and Lists

If you’re into planners, calendars, and to-do lists a typewriter will save you some time, and add a more finished and trendy look. While I’m not a planner girl, I’m totally a lister.

For a while I’ve been stamping the months and days into my notebook to prepare my to-do lists, but stamping into a notebook is tricky and it always looks messy. Typing directly onto pre-cut self-adhesive labels and adding those to my notebook looks so much better and is so much easier!

Gift Tags and Packaging

I’m also so excited about the idea of typing notes directly onto gift tags, gift bags, and other gift packaging. It just looks so much better than when I try to handwrite something.

You can totally roll your gift tags, treat bags, labels, etc right through the typewriter. And the Typecast paper collection includes food-safe, grease-resistant treat bags. Love them so much!

So, what do you think? Would a typewriter help make any of your paper craft projects easier?

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