diy minecraft birthday party | part 1

September is the month of birthdays in our family. We have two daughters with September birthdays, and my husband and I each have a parent and siblings with September birthdays. So, basically we had balloons and streamers up the whole month. Fun! The last birthday of the month was my youngest daughter who turned 7 and has been planning her Minecraft birthday party for months!

Together we browsed the internet and talked about what kind of Minecraft party games and decor she wanted. We came up with some fun but easy ideas that we could do together. I decided to divide these Minecraft party ideas into two posts, and this first one will cover the DIY games.

The Creeper Toss was the one she was most excited about. The foundation for this DIY party game is a 4 x 3 foot tri-fold presentation board or poster board. I originally thought I’d have to buy a white board and spray paint it green, but I was thrilled to find an amazing selection of colors at my local Hobby Lobby. You can also purchase a green presentation board online HERE.

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out letters in a Minecraft inspired font which you can download for free from dafont.com HERE. You could also print the letters and cut them out, or buy some pre-cut letters or letter stickers.
I used Bazzill 12×12 Mono Adhesive Cardstock for my letters. That saved me a ton of time–I love that stuff! After cutting out the letters with my Cameo, my daughter and I just peeled them up and stuck them onto the board. I used the “Adhesive Backed Cardstock” preset and moved the blade depth up to 8 and the thickness setting up to 33 since Bazzill’s cardstock is thicker than the Silhouette brand.

My daughter really wanted it to be like the video game, so we cut out some numbers for point values for each opening. While the guests played the game we kept track of the “high score” and gave a prize for each round. They really liked that.

Tip: I added a thin black border around the openings. It helped the kids to identify where to throw the balls, but you can omit that option if you’d like.

The next DIY Minecraft party game we made was Pin The Tail On The Pig. It was easy to make and didn’t take much time, but again the kids loved playing it.

I used a small 14 x 22 inch white poster board and some pink, black and white 12×12 scrapbook cardstock. The nice thing about making Minecraft decor is that it’s mostly squares with a few rectangles.

Even if you’re not into making a lot of crafts, all you need is a pair or scissors, a paper trimmer and/or some square punches in various sizes. These are basic supplies that most people have on hand.

I found images of the Minecraft pig online which helped me figure out how to piece this together. I used some strong double sided craft tape to secure the cardstock to the poster board.

For the tail I used some repositionable double sided tape which worked perfectly since the kids were taking turns pulling it off and trying to pin it to the right spot while blindfolded.

The final game we played was Minecraft Bingo, which was the easiest to put together. We found a free printable set of Minecraft Bingo cards, markers, and a master list. If you’d like to download those for a party or just for fun you can find them HERE from the Life With Squeaker blog. I printed mine on smooth white cardstock so they’re sturdy enough for young hands.

I was a little skeptical about a sit-down game with three seven year old boys at the party, but they actually really liked it. It was a perfect gathering game while we were waiting for everyone to arrive. I didn’t have time to before the party, but I’ll be laminating the bingo game for the future since my daughter loved playing it. It will last a lot longer laminated.

That’s all for today friends. I hope you enjoyed these easy but fun Minecraft party ideas. Come back on Friday when I share some more DIY Minecraft decor ideas for party favors and balloons. See you then!

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