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Recently I shared some Tribal Thanksgiving Decor ideas on a local lifestyle TV show, Studio 5. You can watch the video of that segment HERE. I’m all about simplifying life, so rather than totally swap out my fall decor with some tribal decor just for the Thanksgiving holiday, I decided to just fit it in with what I already had going on.

You can see in this shot from the set of Studio 5 how nicely you can fit simple tribal details into your fall florals and garlands.

I started by selecting my color scheme. I picked some traditional fall colors–gold, yellow, magenta–and then I added some blues in to balance out the warm colors. Then, to pull in the tribal/southwest theme, I added a terra cotta color and a muted turquoise (or sage) color.

To create a tribal feel, I pulled in some traditional shapes–arrowheads (triangles) and feathers.
I also included natural textures such as wood, leather, jute twine, and wheat stalks, dried plants & leaves, and pinecones.

I’ve had my pumpkins out on display since September, and all I had to do is add some simple tribal details to the pumpkins to make them fit with the tribal theme.

I included some teepee centerpieces and place cards that I made using some tribal patterned paper. You can find a tutorial for these paper teepees HERE.

I also included some wood slice photo displays that I made recently. I love how the natural wood and the tribal rub-on designs fit in with the

Finally, I made a banner and garland to match the rest of the decor. Stitching together small paper strips is so easy, but looks very cool as a tribal element. I was able to include some tribal chevron shapes by layering different color flag banner pieces.

Well, I hope these ideas have inspired you to try some tribal decor for your Thanksgiving get-together this year. It fits perfectly into your fall decor, and is a natural choice for the holiday.

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