alphabet punch board centerpiece + video

The Alphabet Punch Board from We R Memory Keepers is one of my favorite tools! It’s great for posters, signs, or school projects. On a more creative note, it’s perfect for scrapbook pages, cards, and party/home decor. You know I love finding multiple uses for my craft tools, and this Standing Centerpiece project uses the Alphabet Punch Board in a slightly different way. Check it out!

Standing Centerpiece by Aly Dosdall

By doubling the size of your paper and folding it before making letters with the Alphabet Punch Board you can create table tents. folded cards, or the perfect standing centerpiece for any occasion.

Standing Centerpiece by Aly Dosdall_close 1

In order for letters with a curve on the bottom (like the Y) to stand you’ll need to trim a bit off the bottom to create a flat surface.

Standing Centerpiece by Aly Dosdall_close 2

I decorated my standing letters with some DIY Party Piñata Fringe Tape and Raffia. Check out the video below where I demonstrate how to make this Standing Centerpiece.

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