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Recently I shared some bunny treat cones here on my blog that I made for my monthly Tools Today article on the Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine blog. I loved how they turned out so much, that I decided to use them as inspiration for another Easter themed project–some DIY bunny treat bags!

I’ve seen bunny treat bags similar to these on Pinterest, but they’ve all been made from paper lunch sacks. Since I love a good DIY, and I love my We R Memory Keepers punch boards, I decided to make my own bags using my own paper.

I started out with some pretty gold foiled pink paper from the We R Memory Keepers Typecast paper collection. This collection was released exclusively at Michael’s, and can be found in stores or online. I recommend choosing single sided patterned paper with one white side. I trimmed 2 inches off my 12×12 inch paper so that I ended up with a 10×12 inch piece.

Next, I used my Gift Bag Punch Board to create a small size bag by following the instructions on the board. So easy! Normally the pattern on your paper shows on the outside of the bag, but since we want the color and pattern to peek out from the inside of the bunny ears, we’re going to assemble the bags so that the pattern faces the inside of the bag.

Your bag will end up very tall and thin, and that’s okay. That helps to get the best dimensions for the bunny ears. Tip: I recommend using strong double sided tape or a hot glue gun so the bag stays secure when you assemble it and manipulate it into the bunny shape.

Then, I used my Banner Punch Board to cut a large “V” shape into the top of my bag. Before cutting, but sure to insert your hand in the bag and carefully press out the sides and fold them in the opposite direction they normally go so you can lay the bag flat as you cut.

This will help you to make the bunny ears. If you don’t have this tool, just use your scissors to cut the bag. Once you finish cutting the ears, fill your bag with goodies, treats, or small toys for Easter. Lining the bottom with Easter grass would be cute!

The next part is a bit tricky, and may take a practice run or two to get right. Start by folding the sides back into the bag as they should be. Then gently pinch and fold the two ears back so that the pink patterned inside faces frontward. You’ll need to flatten the fold on the bag sides at the top as seen in the photo below. Here’s what the bag should look like in the front…

 This is what the back of the bag should look like…

Tie the pinched part of the bag with ribbon, twine, or raffia. I used white raffia, but you can use a pretty spring color if you’d like. To finish off the bag, use a black permanent marker to draw a bunny face, and add a small pink triangle for the nose.

These would be perfect for a class or neighborhood Easter party, or for the kids/grandkids to wake up to on Easter Morning. I dropped a few of these off to some friends to let them know I thinking about them. They enjoyed them. Thanks for stopping by friends!

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