diy galaxy pumpkin for halloween

Happy Halloween friends! Recently, I shared three out-of-the-box Halloween party ideas here on the blog. One of those ideas was a galaxy themed party, including a stunning galaxy pumpkin as the star of the show. I promised to share how I made this cool Halloween party decor piece, so today I’ll show you how I painted my galaxy pumpkin!

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I was a bit intimidated at first, thinking this would be really hard, but it ended up being much easier than I thought!

I started with a black craft pumpkin that I bought at Walmart. You can also find them at craft stores, or you can buy an orange or white craft pumpkin and spray paint it black.

Using sponges, I added several layers of pink, purple and blue glitter paint. I didn’t wait for the layers to dry before adding more paint.

To get an authentic galaxy look, try concentrating a bit more of one color in a particular spot. You can practice on a sheet of black paper ahead of time if you’d like so you can get an idea of how much paint you’d like.

For the final step I dipped an old clean toothbrush in white paint and flicked it onto the pumpkin. Again, concentrating a bit more of the white speckles in one area makes it look more realistic.

You can use this galaxy painting technique on any project with any theme. Give it a try, and share what you create. Thanks for stopping by today, and have a fun and safe Halloween tonight!

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