diy faux marquee sign for a graduation party

Well hello there friends! It’s been a while. I’ve missed you, and I’ve missed this blog. Life’s just been busy and my attention has been needed at home more, but I couldn’t resist sharing some cool graduation party decor ideas with you!

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I shared this graduation party decor set on a local lifestyle TV show, Studio 5 recently. During the segment, I shared a tutorial for making some graduation party drink toppers. You can watch the video of that segment on their website HERE.

In this post I’ll share a tutorial for making this fun faux marquee light graduation sign. It’s a great way to get the celebratory look of real marquee lights on a large scale without having to spend a ton on supplies, break out the power tools, and hire an electrician to light it up!

Here’s what you need:

1. White poster board (three or four 22×28 inch sheets)
2. Gold or yellow pearl balloons (5 inches)
3. White duct tape
4. Ruler or yard stick
5. Pencil
6. Craft knife
7. Surface for cutting (glass mat, cutting mat, cutting board)
8. Scissors

Start by tracing and cutting out the numbers on the poster board. My numbers are 12 inches wide and 18 inches high (except the number 1 which is 8 inches wide). You can make your numbers larger or smaller if you’d like. 

I used a ruler to help measure and keep things straight and even. Cut out the centers of the numbers with a craft knife or swivel blade. I used some photos of marquee signs I found on the internet as inspiration.

Cut several 2 1/2 inch x 28 inch strips of poster board. These will be the sides of your number box frames. I used the We R Memory Keepers Template Studio to cut mine, but you can use a straight edge and craft knife or scissors to cut yours.

Next, you need to make your box frame to hold your balloon lights in place. Using the white duct tape, attach the strips to the outline of each number, including the inside, so that the strips are perpendicular to the number.

Blow up several balloons so that they’re just big enough to fit inside your box frames. I found it easier to place them all inside the frame first before attaching them to make sure they fit and I had the right amount of balloons.

Cut a small X with your craft knife in the bottom of the box frame where the end of the balloon will sit. Poke the tied end of the balloon through to the back of the number box frame, snip off the rim, and tape it down with some white duct tape. Repeat this step for each balloon in each of the number box frames. (Tip: this is the part where I turn on Netflix.)

Your faux marquee light sign will be light enough to tape to the wall using painters tape or gaffers tape, and it will create a high impact focal point at your graduation celebration! Thanks for stopping by, and happy crafting.

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