how to make a glitter tumbler with the spin it tumbler turner

Several months ago I was turned on to an amazing trend in the craft world–making custom tumblers! You know those insulated stainless steel cups and mugs that keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold? Crafters are adding patterned paper, fabric, photos, vinyl decals, and GLITTER to these to decorate them and customize them. They make great gifts (or keep them for yourself) and I’m so excited to dive into this part of the craft industry!

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DIY Rose Gold Glitter Tumbler made with the We R Memory Keepers Spin It tumbler turner by Aly Dosdall

Before now crafters made tumbler turners out of whatever materials they can find in their garage–PVC pipe, plywood, pool noodles, nerf footballs, rotisserie motors, drills. No more “MacGyvering” tumbler turners because We R Memory Keepers has filled the hole in the craft industry with the first dedicated motorized tumbler turner, the Spin It!

Spin It is available exclusively at Michaels Stores. It launched on Friday and has already sold out online and in some stores. Here’s a list of the Michaels Stores that received Spin It inventory: https://www.wermemorykeepers.com/spinit-wheretobuy/

l recommend calling ahead to check if they’ve sold out before heading to the stores. Spin It has sold more quickly than predicted, so We R and Michaels are working to bring more inventory to more stores and to their website as soon as possible. So check back near the end of the month if your store has sold out.

You can find stainless steel tumblers at Walmart, sporting good stores, and online at Amazon HERE. Before you decorate your tumbler, I recommend washing it with warm water and mild soap. Then clean it with a cotton ball and some rubbing alcohol to remove any oils. This helps create a stronger seal once you apply the epoxy coat(s).

Tape off any areas you don’t want glitter on with painter’s tape. For this tumbler I used the epoxy method of applying glitter, but there are several different ways to do that including Mod Podge, Loctite Adhesive Spray, and double sided craft tape.  After cleaning my tumbler, I added a thin coat of epoxy to stick the glitter on. After covering with glitter I allowed the epoxy to dry completely per the directions, and then sealed the glitter with a clear spray coat.

After the sealer dried, I removed the tape and added a second, thicker layer of epoxy to finish off the tumbler.

Watch the video tutorial below for complete instructions from start to finish!

So far I’ve really enjoyed making these glitter tumblers. I’m thinking I’ll make a bunch this spring for gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation, teachers and anything else I need a gift for! 

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to ask any questions you might have in the comments. I’ll do my best to answer them!

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