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As a crafter I love to make things my own. I love putting my personal stamp on creations and expressing myself as only I can. I’m super excited to share a recent project where I did just that.

Customizing denim and bomber jackets with patches, badges and pinback buttons has been a trend for a few years now, and when I heard about the We R Memory Keepers Button Press I knew I needed to make a set of buttons to personalize my own denim jacket. Check out how I added my personal stamp to my wardrobe with DIY buttons!

The Button Press Kit comes with everything you need to make five medium buttons. Or you can spring for my favorite, the Button Press Bundle, which includes everything you need to make small, medium and large buttons. I love having the option to make different size buttons.
To find designs for my buttons I browsed through my patterned paper collections and found cute icons and phrases that spoke to me. I used the cutting dies to determine which designs would fit because when you hold your paper up to the cutting die, the window on the front shows you exactly what your button will look like.
These papers are all from various brands owned by American Crafts–Pebbles Inc, Dear Lizzy, Crate Paper, etc. You can also print your own designs to make buttons with. Search for creative commons images so you’re not infringing on copyrights. You can also use your stamp stash to make your own designs.
Once you’ve found your designs, you’re ready to make some buttons! Gather the Button Press, the small, medium or large inserts (depending on what size button you’re making), the coordinating cutting insert, and the button blanks along with the mylar sheet.
Place the cutting inserts into the top and base of the tool. Then trim your paper down so it fits into the tool, place it behind the cutting die, insert both into the tool and then press down. The large cutting die needs more pressure than the medium and small ones do. It also helps to move the die and paper around and press the multiple times. CLICK HERE for an IGTV video I did that will help.
Now, take out the cutting inserts and add the large, medium or small inserts. The top insert magnetizes into the top of the tool, and the bottom insert connects by rotating it around until the center drops. Then rotate the inserts so the letter A on both is aligned with the arrows on the top and base of the tool.
Swivel the base out and place a button shell (the front of the button blank) into the bottom insert. Then place your cut paper on top of the shell with the mylar sheet on top. If your design has a distinct top and bottom use the alignment guides on either side of the bottom base to help line up your design so the pin back fits properly.

Swivel the base back under the tool and press. Again, the larger button will need more pressure than the medium and small, so give it a few pumps on a solid surface while standing up.
Swivel the base out again and you’ll notice the now covered button shell is gone. No worries! It’s up in the top of the tool waiting for it’s pin back. Rotate the top and bottom inserts so they arrows on the tool align with the letter B on each insert.
Now place the pin back into the bottom insert with the pin facing downward, using the alignment guides to line up the pin in the correct position.

Swivel the base back into the tool and press as I described above–using your body as leverage and pumping a few times. Swivel the base back out and your button is ready!

Now that you know how to make a button, you can make several in different sizes to customize your denim or bomber jacket. It’s also fun to add a set of buttons to your bag or backpack.
You’re going to love creating with this tool! It’s so fun, and I kind of want to make buttons everyday. Be sure to share your Button Press creations online and tag me so I can see what you’re making. Thanks for stopping by!

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