Store Your Tumbler Making Supplies in a Craft Storage Cart

About this time of year, every year, I start feeling the need to clean out and organize my craft room. I usually don’t have time to do the whole room, so I try to identify pain points and work on a few of them. This year I’ve got a couple of target areas and I can’t wait to share one of them with you! For a few years I’ve struggled to find a good place to store my tumbler making supplies. They’ve been in multiple places in my room and one of the baskets I keep them in is overflowing. So, I decided to purge them and move them all to a storage cart. Check it out!

One thing I’ve learned about craft room organization over the years is that I do better when all the supplies for one type of craft are stored together–planner supplies all together, stamping supplies all together, etc. So consolidating all my tumbler supplies into this We R Memory Keepers storage cart was a good move for me.

One of my favorite features of this particular cart is the handles on the sides. It makes it easy to move as I’m transporting it around. I also love that it has 3 levels for storage. That gives me plenty of room.
I filled the top level of the craft cart with my Spin It tumbler turner machine and my two Spin It Pro machines. They fit perfectly. It was meant to be!
I added a large hanging cup to the top level of the cart for storing some smaller tumbler making supplies. I’ve got my glitter clean up kit, vinyl decals, silicone molds and the ornament arm stored in there. I love adding accessories to expand the available storage in my craft cart.
The second level of my We R A La Cart contains all my Spin It glitter, mica powders, epoxy, and other tumbler making supplies. I added two hanging hooks to hold the standard Spin It arms while I’m using my Spin It Pro arms.
In the small basket I keep vials of specialty mica powders–thermal, solar, etc. I also store my Glitter Mini Vac (a must-have when working with glitter), epoxy, and mixing cups.

On the bottom level of my storage cart I keep my completed tumblers, some tumblers I’ve prepped and painted for decorating, completed coasters, my heat gun and my We R silicone mat.

I also added a hanging rod where I store some washi tape rolls. I use washi tape to prevent epoxy from dripping into my cups while they’re spinning.
I’m happy with this storage solution for my tumbler making supplies. It feels good to get this pain point in my craft room taken care of, and I’m excited to get creating!

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