st. patrick’s day craft ideas with the button press {free printables}

St. Patrick’s Day always seems to come at the perfect time, am I right? It’s not quite warm enough to spend much time outside, it’s about the middle of the second semester for kids and they’re ready to be done, and we’ve all got a serious case of cabin fever! This fun holiday is the perfect excuse for adding some fun, color, and chocolate to life.

This year my St. Patrick’s Day fun centers around something I’m totally obsessed with right now, and I can’t wait to show you some fun ideas and ways to incoporate pinback buttons, badges and flair into your family crafts, activities, and party decor.

Before I get started with some inspiration, if you want to get your hands on the Button Press Kit (tool plus medium buttons) you can run out to your local JOANN Store or you can shop online on their website. If you’d like the Button Press Bundle, which includes the tool plus the small, medium and large buttons you can buy that online at Scrapbook.com HERE.
Now, let’s get started with some fun ideas!
First up is a DIY Tic Tac Toe game. Grab a magnetic board, some cardstock or poster board, and some rainbow washi tape to make your grid. Then make 10 large buttons–five with gold glitter paper and five with green patterned paper. Remove the pins from the back before attaching it to the buttons, add sticky magnets, and you’ve got the perfect game to play tonight after dinner!
Next up is another fun and easy game to play with your family–the clothespin game. I’ve played this game at several baby showers, but it’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! Here’s how it works:
  • Find some patterned paper scraps in rainbow colors
  • Make enough medium size buttons so that each family member has at least one
  • Remove the pins from the backs before attaching to the buttons
  • Add some adhesive foam and attach them to clothespins
  • Give everyone a button clothespin (or more than one)
  • Pick a word that’s off limits (green, pinch, Irish, etc)
  • If you catch someone saying the off limits word, you can take their clothespin
  • The person with the most clothespins at the end of the night gets the “pot of gold”
Buttons are great embellishments and you can personlize them, so they make perfect place cards for St. Patrick’s Day dinner. I created these in Photoshop and printed them on matte presentation paper. Then I made them into medium buttons but removed the pin before attaching the back. I added some adhesive foam on the back before attaching them to the rosettes which are attached to a rainbow paper band around each napkin.
I created PDF and JPG files to share with you in case you’d like print them to make your own buttons. You can download them by clicking the link below.
Whether you’re eating Irish Stew and Soda Bread or green eggs and ham, you’re going to need something to drink with it. Why not a bottle of sparkling green grape juice died green with food coloring? Don’t for get to add a button rosette as a bottle tag. This fun craft uses a large button and the Rosette Kit. They’re easy to make a are so much fun!
You can also use these rosettes to dress up dessert or a special treat for your neighbor, friend, or a teacher. They’re a quick at easy addition to any gift wrap!
Or, your can simply wear the rosettes to avoid getting pinched! The images I printed for these rosettes come from a cute set of seasonal digital images I found on Etsy by Country Bridge Design. She based here in Utah and has some pretty cute stuff. Chcek her out HERE.
Speaking of wearables, if rosettes aren’t your thing then try some decorative bobbi pins! You’ll need to make small buttons for these and use the parts and instructions in the Bobby Pin Kit. They’re super easy to make and oh so cute.
If cupcakes are more your jam for dessert than chocolate we may need to have a conversation, but I’ve nonetheless got some inspriration for you! LOL! Make button cupcake toppers with the small button kit and the Button Press. Remove the pins before attaching the backs and then use the adhesive foam circles to attach the buttons to trimmed paper straws. We’re having these cuties for dessert tonight!
Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope these craft ideas have inspired your St. Patrick’s Day celebration today. Links to shop supplies below. Happy St. Patrick’s Day and happy crafting.

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