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If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I love to share a good find. Well, I’ve got an a m a z i n g find to share with you! Have you heard about the new PrintMaker? It’s a handheld, slideable printer with HP technology, and certified Apple Bluetooth connectivity. The quality, detail, and colors are incredible, and the free app is super easy to use. Recently I created a custom planner spread with it and I can’t wait to show you what I made!

The We R Memory Keepers PrintMaker is now available for US customers at Michaels Stores HERE along with some accessories sold separately, and on HSN.com HERE. (It’s coming to international retailers soon.) If you purchase at HSN you get a whole bundle with the 6 inch guide and the washi tape/ribbon guides. Michaels also has those items sold separately. Both retailers have great deals.
The planner I’m using most frequently right now is the Maggie Holmes Day-to-Day Freestyle Planner. I love that it can be whatever you need it to be–a journal, bullet journal, to do lists, ideas, memories, photos, thoughts, etc. I wanted to create a place to document an overview of our summer, with goals, a bucket list, highlights, things we need to do, etc. I also wanted to include some photos that provide a snapshot of our summer so far.
The left side of my spread has the “title”. I used some patterned paper and stickers from the Maggie Holmes Garden Party collection, as well as the stickers from her Day-to-Day Freestyle planner. I printed some of the free patterns in the app onto the PrintMaker printable washi tape. It comes in three different widths and I LOVE how it turned out!
Then I printed headers and check boxes directly onto my planner page with the PrintMaker. I used some free templates that you can access in the app and was able to customize them to fit the colors in my spread.
On the right side of my spread I created a waterfall flip photo situation with my faves so far this summer. I printed my photos with my Canon Ivy Mini Printer. Then I printed some text directly onto my photos with the PrintMaker. Since the photos are semi gloss, I allowed them to dry for a few minutes before handling them. I added a little washi tape I printed and some stickers to dress them up a bit.
To the left of the photos I created a bullet list where I’m writing down the highlights of our summer this year. I love that I was able to print the header and check boxes with my PrintMaker directly onto my page. To create the long column of check boxes, I turned my page on the side and slid the printer across that way. I’ll keep adding to this list as the summer goes on.
Finally, I made a bookmark to save my spot in my spread. I printed “Take the Scenic Route” directly onto a pre-made label that came with my planner. It was easy to do using the measurements in the canvas on the add, along with my PrintMaker 12 inch guide. I highly recommend purchasing either the 6 in or 12 in guide, and either purchasing the PrintMaker magnetic mat or using one you already have. That helps SO MUCH with proper alignment and getting your prints straight.
I also added some washi tape I printed, and a ribbon at the top that I printed. The ribbon is PrintMaker printable 100% cotton white ribbon. You can print on other types of ribbon too. I LOVE making custom ribbon–such a game changer!
We R Memory Keepers has a ton of helpful resources available on their website HERE. I highly recommend reading the User Guide, including the FAQ’s. They also have some helpful video tutorials and project inspiration there as well.
Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out my Instagram and Facebook accounts (links at the top right of my blog) for more tutorials, videos, etc about the PrintMaker. I’m obsessed, so there will be more projects in the near future!

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