Store Your Tumbler Making Supplies in a Craft Storage Cart

About this time of year, every year, I start feeling the need to clean out and organize my craft room. I usually don’t have time to do the whole room, so I try to identify pain points and work on a few of them. This year I’ve got a couple of target areas and IContinue reading “Store Your Tumbler Making Supplies in a Craft Storage Cart”

craft cart storage ideas

For some weird reason I resisted the whole craft cart thing for years, but once I got my hands on this craft cart I’ve become a a believer! It’s one of my favorite craft room storage solutions! Today I’m sharing some ideas for using a storage cart and accessories to keep craft supplies organized andContinue reading “craft cart storage ideas”

craft room storage solutions

Hello friends! Like many of you, now that the holidays are over I’ve been working on getting my craft room cleaned up and organized. I’m trying to make sure I store things in the most efficient way so that I’ll actually get them out and use them. Today I’ve got some tips for storing andContinue reading “craft room storage solutions”

craft room storage & organization: part 1 + a giveaway!

**GIVEAWAY CLOSED** The start of a new year always motivates me to get organized and set some goals. Some of those goals are crafty, of course. And what really motivates me to get in my craft space and make stuff, is getting my stash organized and under control. I shared some tips and storage optionsContinue reading “craft room storage & organization: part 1 + a giveaway!”

craft supply storage and organization tips

Storing and organizing craft supplies can be a challenge. It’s something I’m constantly working on and perfecting. Craft room storage and organization can have a big impact on my productivity and creativity, so I try to find systems and methods that work well for me. Today I’m sharing my most current method of organization, whichContinue reading “craft supply storage and organization tips”

craft room re-do

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve likely seen some photos of my craft room over the years. Maybe you’ve read about some of my craft room storage solutions, or my methods of craft room organization. You can find all these past posts on my blog HERE. You’ve also probably heard meContinue reading “craft room re-do”

we r memory keepers snap storage tips

Remember my post back in July about my framed journaling card decor piece in my craft room? Well today I’m finally sharing some tips and tricks with you for using the new Snap Storage system right next to that piece of decor. You can catch the full post on the We R Memory Keepers blogContinue reading “we r memory keepers snap storage tips”

we r memory keepers crafter’s tote + american crafts sticky thumb adhesive

I love my We R Memory Keepers grey and white 360 Crafter’s Bag, and I’m so excited to now have a matching Crafter’s Tote to make a set! The clean neutral colors appeal to my neat side, and I love the basic wide stripes. I recently got my hands on the new Sticky Thumb adhesiveContinue reading “we r memory keepers crafter’s tote + american crafts sticky thumb adhesive”