looking to my roots

Happy Memorial Day to my U.S. friends! As an American today I’m grateful for the chance to remember those who have served my country. As a memory keeper this holiday makes me so excited for the opportunity to share some stories with my family, and take some time to remember and honor those who laidContinue reading “looking to my roots”

heritage photo display

I believe in the power of stories. Stories entertain, they teach, and can move our emotions. Stories connect and bind us. There is a particular power in the stories of our ancestors, the people we come from. Knowing who came before us and how we became who we are helps shape our perception of theContinue reading “heritage photo display”

global family reunion

Last weekend my girls and I attended our local Global Family Reunion Block Party at the Salt Lake Family History Library. If you’re not familiar with the Global Family Reunion event founded by best-selling author, A.J. Jacobs, you can read more about it HERE. There were over 40 reunion parties around the world that day–whatContinue reading “global family reunion”