eleventh day of christmas: meaningful family traditions

Does your family have meaningful holiday traditions? We do, and they’re an important part of our happy memories during the holidays. They also strengthen our family unity and reflect the core and foundation of who we are and what we believe. This is a personal blog, but I am an employee and do receive financialContinue reading “eleventh day of christmas: meaningful family traditions”

5th day of christmas: holiday family traditions

An important part of the holiday season is creating and maintaining family traditions. Each family has different ones, so I thought it would be fun to share one of our favorite holiday family traditions with you. It’s one of our absolute favorites! Every year, sometime between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, we visit a world-famousContinue reading “5th day of christmas: holiday family traditions”

looking to my roots

Happy Memorial Day to my U.S. friends! As an American today I’m grateful for the chance to remember those who have served my country. As a memory keeper this holiday makes me so excited for the opportunity to share some stories with my family, and take some time to remember and honor those who laidContinue reading “looking to my roots”

12th day of christmas: merry christmas + a family tradition

Merry Christmas crafty friends! I hope your day is filled with peace, joy, and precious time with loved ones. Today I’m sharing a moving video that shares what Christmas means to me and my family. I’m also sharing one of our Christmas morning family traditions. Enjoy! Not much more needs to be said after watchingContinue reading “12th day of christmas: merry christmas + a family tradition”