DIY gratitude journal

One of my favorite traditions this time of year is my gratitude journal. For a few weeks in November I keep a daily record of the things I’m thankful for leading up to Thanksgiving Day. It’s really helped me to focus on the positive and see the good, both totally transformative ways of thinking. I’veContinue reading “DIY gratitude journal”

how to make a pocket folder for your traveler’s notebook

Happy March friends! March is an exciting time with spring on the way–I love it! it’s also a time when I typically start to lose steam with my goals, so I wanted to share a pocket folder journal spread I created last year to remind me of my goals and to encourage me to keepContinue reading “how to make a pocket folder for your traveler’s notebook”

november gratitude journal spread

For years I’ve kept a personal gratitude journal of one kind or another. It happens often during the month of November when my mind is focused on being thankful. I’ve also done it during really hard times that our family has gone through, and whenever I do it, it completely changes my perspective and myContinue reading “november gratitude journal spread”