back-to-school project roundup

It’s that time of year again! My kiddos go back to school next week and we’ve spent this entire week shopping, getting haircuts, and filling out registration forms. I love the excitement of the new school year, and I love back-to-school crafts, so today I thought I’d share a roundup of some of my pastContinue reading “back-to-school project roundup”

father’s day gift guide for under $30

I’m not going to lie friends. Shopping for my husband can be so hard! Sometimes I know exactly what to get him for a Father’s Day gift (or Christmas, or birthday), and sometimes I have no idea! I want to show my love and appreciation for how amazing he is, but I want to makeContinue reading “father’s day gift guide for under $30”

2015 top blog posts

As the year winds down tonight I thought it would be fun to share a countdown of the 2015 TOP TEN BLOG POSTS! This list is based on total views of each individual post. It’s been fun to look back at what you all have enjoyed viewing this year. 10) Ribbon Storage and Organization 9)Continue reading “2015 top blog posts”